About the Support category

:wave: OH NO! Did something go wrong??

This category is here to solve that issue directly!

Just simply create a new thread in here relating to what you need help with. If you want to be fancy you can follow this template and someone can give you some assistance!

LOCATION: [FiveM / Discord / Other (Not related to FSFE)]
Context: [What were you doing before you encountered this error?]
Actual Error: [What is the error itself? If its FiveM, tell us what it says on the error box]
(Optional) Computer Specifications: [x2 Potato Cores @ 0.1 GHz, 2GB DDR2 RAM, GeForce RTX 3010]
Additional Information: [who what when where why whats wrong idk you tell us cus we wanna help you]

Don’t worry, someone can always assist you, even if they’re not staff. We’ll try to help out as much as possible!